Extension Installation

RS Themes addon required

To install our WHMCS extension, you need to have an active license of one of our theme and RS Themes addon installed and activated in your WHMCS installation.

Download Extension Files

  1. Log in to "Client Area"
  2. Move to "My Services"
  3. Choose the product and download the available files

Upload Extension Files

  1. Unzip the downloaded file
  2. Choose the correct PHP version. You can check it in your WHMCS by navigating to "Utilities" → "System" → "PHP Info"
  3. Upload the files to the main WHMCS directory

Activate Extension

  1. After uploading the file, login to your WHMCS admin area
  2. Go to: "Addons" → "RS Theme"
  3. Click on "Manage" for the specific theme
  4. Select "Extensions" from the list of available tabs
  5. You should see the previously uploaded extension
  6. Click on the "Manage" button
  7. Afterwards, press "Activate"