# Configuration

Learn how to correctly configure and use Lagom Promotion Manager (opens new window) extension.

# Upload Graphic

Lagom Promotion Manager allows to upload your own graphics, and then use them in specific promotions. To upload graphic file:

  1. Go to "Media Library" tab.
  2. Click "Upload Media" button, and choose image which you'd like to upload.

# Create New Promotion

To create new promotion, please go to "Promotions" tab and click "Add Promo" button. Please falow below documentation to learn how to customize the promotion.

# Choose placement

Choose where specific promotion should be displayed in your WHMCS client area. This can be configured in "Promotion Placement" widget:

1. Client Home - show promotion on the clientarea dashboard page.

2. Product Details - show promotion on the product management page.

3. Product List - show promotion on the product list page.

4. Cart Checkout - show promotion on last order step.

5. Homepage - show banner on the hompeage (available only for modern template). This option will show additional configuration options descibed in Homepage Settings section.

# Choose graphic

To choose graphic, please "Click to change" button in "Graphic" widget:

By default you can choose from predefined Lagom illustrations, available under "Default Lagom Icons" cection. To add your custom icons or graphics, please upload them in our Miedia Library tab.

# Choose graphic type

Promotion Manager has option to choose from 2 different types of graphics. Switching between "Banner Horizontal" and "Banner Vertical" will change promotion preview on the left. "Banner Homepage" does not have live preview.

# Background image

This option place selected graphic as background image.

  1. Top, left, right, bottom - allow to customize the graphic spacing
  2. Background height and width - allows to configure correct size of uploaded graphics, if you'd like to have full width graphics please use predefined settings.
  3. Vertical and horizontal align - allows to configure position of the graphic. This can be used for graphics, which do not fill the background fully. learn more about aligns (opens new window).
  4. Opacity and Background size - Opacity configure the graphic opacity. If you are using full width graphic, it's recommended to use opacity between 20-50. Background size, specify the size of the bacgrkound images, learn more about background-size (opens new window) property.

# Custom icon

This option place selected graphic as icon/illustration, on the right of the banner. The same as our default Lagom illustrations.

  1. Top, left, right, bottom - allow to customize the graphic spacing
  2. Icon height and width - allows to configure correct size of uploaded icon.
  3. Vertical and horizontal align - allows to configure position of the graphic. Learn more about aligns (opens new window).

# Default Lagom icon

When you choose one of the graphic from "Default Lagom Icons" section in "Media manager", our extension willl disable all "Graphics Settings" and will use our predefined settings by the theme.

# Set up promotion content

1. Promotion preview - shows real preview of the banner.

2. Choose language to edit - allows you to choose language in which below content will be customized.

3. Promotion name - name of the navigation element, at the top of the banner. YOu are allowed to use HTML in this input.

4. Promotion title - the main title of the banner.

5. Promotion button url - choose to which product, or product group promotion button should be linked.

6. Promotion button title - text shown in the button.

# Set up homepage content

This sections shows only if you activate the "Homepage" option in "Promotion Placement" widget.

1. Homepage title - main title of the homepage slide.

2. Homepage sub-title - description below the main homepage title.

3. Homepage main button text - text shown in the main button.

4. Homepage main button url - url of the main button.

5. Homepage secondary button url - text shown in the secondary button, url is the same as configured in "Promotion Settings - step 5".

6. Pagination icon - Choose icon from the media manager.

7. Pagination title - title shown below pagination icon.

# Publish promotion

1. Starting and Due Date - Choose starting and end date of your promotion.

2. Status - choose whether you want this promotion to be visible for your customers.

# Settings

1. Allow promotion closing - choose whether you want to allow closing of the promotion banners.

2. Close for amount of days - choose how much days closing selection should be stored in browser cookie.