# Languages

# Adding a Language

Learn how to change the language of Lagom WHMCS One Step Order Form module.

  1. Changing WHMCS module language is very simple. First of all, go to /modules/addons/LagomOrderForm/langs folder.
  2. Copy english.php file and rename the newly copied directory with your desired language, for example italian.php.
  3. Open your personalized file now and replace particular sentences with ease.

# Overrides

The language file english.php is uncoded and can be freely modified. However, it is advised not to change this file itself, it is recommended to use overrides.

  1. Open the overrides within the ~/lang/ directory.
  2. Next, create or copy the language file you are going to change. If you want to, for example, create an override for the English language, you will have to create the following directory: ~/lang/overrides/english.php.
  3. Open the just created file to edit its content.
  4. At the top of the file you must point the used code, for example: <?php for PHP code.
  5. Change the file content according to your needs. You may enter only single variables to be overridden or change all the lines in the language file.

For example:


$_LANG['order_new_product'] = 'You’re almost there! Complete your order';


$_LANG['order_new_product'] = 'Complete the order';