Common Problems

1. My theme is not visible in the addon

Please check if name of the template folder in the WHMCS directory has not been changed, otherwise please contact our support and Report Bug

2. Addon is not visible in admin area

Please check if steps described at Installation - Acivate Addon section have been performed correctly, if so please try to reupload the files to the server, again. Otherwise please contact our support Report Bug

3. My template displays unformated

If the template styles did not load correctly and you see unformated page (as on screen above) in the addon or the WHMCS theme, please check the WHMCS System URL in WHMCS General Settings. If you are using SSL it should be starting from https://

4. MarketConnect banner on the clientarea dashboard is not showing

Please configure WHMCS MaretConnect product as described in WHMCS documentation

5. MarketConnect banner translations

If you want translate MarketConnect banner description please enable Dynamic Field Translation in General Settings and add translations to MarketConnect Products Groups. You can find more details in WHMCS documentation

6. Can't upload logo in branding addon section

Please check if you have "write" permission to save images on your server in theme directory: /templates/lagom/assets/img/logo

7. Complete order page is not styled

WHMCS load some files from the first folder (ordered alphabitecally) at /templates/orderforms/ and ignored the currently active theme.

  • complete.tpl
  • error.tpl

Please make sure that our template is at the first position if you sort folders alphabetically, only then all the files will be correctly loaded from our template.