Before Start

  1. Plese make sure that latest theme version is compatible with your WHMCS installation!

  2. Make a full backup of your WHMCS server.

  3. If you've made customization to any Lagom WHMCS Theme files, we suggest to compare those files with new theme version files, and merging all new changes.

  4. We suggest testing latest releases of our theme on your development environment, before installation on live environment.

Download Files

  1. Log in to your Client Portal

  2. Go to "My Products"

  3. Choose correct product, and go to management page.

Upload Files

  1. Download latest theme release and extract downloaded zip file.

  2. Extracted folder and upload it's content to your WHMCS server.

Visit RS Themes addon

  1. Important: Once all theme files has been uploaded correctly into your server, please go to WHMCS Admin Area > Addons > RS Themes. Visiting our addon, will make necessary changes in database structure.

Clearing Cache

  1. Clear your browser cache and server cahce if you have any (for example Cloudflare).

  2. Important: Clear WHMCS template cache, go to: Utilities > System > System Cleanup > Click "Go" next to "Empty Template Cache".