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# Client Notification Use Cases

Learn more how Client Notification for Lagom WHMCS Client Themes (opens new window) can be used in your WHMCS system installation. Find out few examples below.

    # Promotions Notifications

    1. Product billing cycle switch - Offer upgrade of product billing cycle, only for customers who has purchased selected products..
    2. Product upgrade discount - Encourage customers to upgrade their products to higher package, by offering additional discounts.
    3. Product cross-selling - Encourage customers to purchase additional products or services, based on product which are available in their account.
    4. Planned or current sales - Display notification about planned or current sales, e.g: Black Friday Sales, Cyber Monday Sales, Summer Sales etc.

    # Page Based Notifications

    1. Support department information - Display notification for existing or new customers who are trying to contact with you, based on selected support department.
    2. Product group based information - Show notification based on loaded product group page, this can be new promotion or information about limited server availability.
    3. Login/Register based information - Display important notification for non logged customers, who are trying to login or register to your WHMCS client area.
    4. Client Area or Order Process notification - Show different notification on Client Area pages, and different during Ordering Process, for existing or guest customers.

    # Maintenance Notifications

    1. Scheduled website maintenance - Display notification about planned website maintenance, so your customer will be able to do necessary actions earlier.
    2. Planned or current maintenance of specific server localization - Inform customers about scheduled maintenance of services or products located in selected location.
    3. Planned or current maintenance of specific products - Display maintenance notification only for customers who are having specific product assigned to their account.

    # Information Notifications

    1. Product/Domain expiring soon - Inform customer that there are domains, which expire soon. Encourage them to renew them by giving them discount code.
    2. Suspended product information -
    3. New server location availability - Display notification that new server location is available, for product which customers have in their account.
    4. New product availability - Inform customers that you've released new product.
    5. Known issue information - Notify customers about known issue with your server or system. Using such notifications, you decrease amount of support tickets created by your customers

    # Requests Notifications

    1. Request customers to review your services
    2. Request customers to share feedback about your website