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# Lagom WHMCS Client Theme Documentation

# Introduction

# Theme Code

CSS and HTML code of Lagom WHMCS Client Theme, has been mostly rewritten. Our theme is now fully based on CSS Variables, which has been designed and developed by our team from scratch. This process took as a lot of time, however it was needed, so we'd be able to move forward with development of new products and its features.

  • Selected CSS variables can be now managed via Style Manager functionality.
  • All Lagom Styles has been unified, they're now using single theme.css file, which is shared between all Lagom Styles.
  • Many theme elements has been improved on desktop and mobile views.
  • Basic and Advanced Integration services, will be made only by changing the CSS variables, so updates into latest theme versions will be much easier and will be released faster.

# Theme Addon

UI and UX of RS Themes addon has been improved, to simplify management of our theme, and give us ability to develop new.

# New Features

We've received many feature request from our customers, since we've released first version of Lagom WHMCS Client Theme. We've selected most important features and added them into Lagom 2.0.0 version, to simplify usage and customization of our products.

# What's Next?

Implementation of changes presented in Lagom 2, opens us new possibilities to develop new features, and implement further improvements into our existing products. Soon we'll release list of new products, which will be released under "Lagom" brand. Our goal is to design and develop products which share the same design system.

All our products will be fully compatible with Lagom WHMCS Client Theme features added in 2. version. Which mean color and style modification made in Lagom WHMCS Client theme, will be shared between all our products.