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# Languages

Extensions for Lagom WHMCS Client Theme uses its own translation system. Below you will learn how to customize these strings.

# Overrides

“Overrides” have been implemented to let you override the existing extension translations or to create new translation strings that then can be used in the extension files.

  1. Log in to FTP/SFTP of your WHMCS server.
  2. Go to /templates/lagom2/core/lang and create the overrides folder. All files created in the overrides folder will not be overwritten by future Lagom updates.
  3. Open the newly created file in your preferred editor.
  4. Start the file with a PHP tag <?php indicating that the PHP code will be used.
  5. Enter the variable(s) you wish to override. For example, if you would like to change “Already registered with us?”, you need to locate the proper variable within the /templates/lagom2/core/lang/english.php file:

Then place it in the overrides English file along with your preferred change:

  1. To create new translation strings, you need to add a new array based on the below example. Please do not forget to create the override files for all languages that you are using in your WHMCS system.

Your new translation can work in the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme files using the {$rslang->trans(key_1.key_2')} variable.

# Adding New Language

The language system in the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme allows you to add your own additional language translations. We recommend starting by duplicating one of the existing language files.

  1. Log in to FTP/SFTP of your WHMCS server.
  2. Go to /templates/lagom2/core/lang and duplicate the english.php file.
  3. Rename the duplicated file. The language file name should be a single word consisting of only lowercase letters and numbers. The file has to end with the extension .php.
  4. Translate all strings located in your new language file.