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# Configuration

When it comes to customer support, transparency is key. Support Hours for Lagom WHMCS Client Theme (opens new window) extension empowers businesses to provide customers with clear operating hours for support departments. This means customers always know when to expect help and when they can anticipate a response.

By eliminating uncertainty, this extension minimizes frustration, enhances satisfaction, and builds trust. Stay tuned for our documentation on setting up and configuring the "Support Hours" extension, and revolutionize your support operations.

# Support Hours

On this page, you'll see a list of created "Support Hours". Here you gain complete control over your support department's operating hours. In this article, we'll walk you through the ins and outs of this essential feature, ensuring you can seamlessly manage your operating hours, add new ones, and toggle the activation status.

Here is an explanation of the columns displayed in the "Support Hours" table.

  1. Name - Display name of created support hours instance.
  2. Department - Show list of departments, to which specific instance is assigned.
  3. Operating Hours - Display time when specific departments are available.
  4. Actions -
    • Manage - Redirects to management page of selected instance.
    • Deactivate/Deactivate - Deactivate or activate selected instance.
    • Delete - Removes selected instance. This action can not be reversed.

# Instance Management

Here, you can easily craft operating hours instances, configure availability for specific hours and days, and assign them to the appropriate support department. It is your go-to resource for finely-tuning your support schedule for a seamless customer experience.

# Operating Hours

# Operating Days

The "Operating Days" function is a feature that enables you to select specific days of the week during which designated departments will be available. By choosing from a list of weekdays, you can precisely configure when support or services will be accessible, helping you align your operations with your customers' needs and expectations. This function empowers you to optimize your service schedule for enhanced customer satisfaction.

# Working Hours

The "Working Hours" function provides the ability to define specific time frames during which support services are available on selected operating days. This feature allows you to set the hours of operation for your support department, ensuring that customers know when to expect assistance. It enhances clarity and helps you meet customer expectations effectively.

  1. Specific Time Range - Choose starting and end time from the dropdown list, to establish operating hours for currently managed support instance.
  2. All Day - This switcher allows you to set "All day" availability for currently managed support instance. Once selected, widget will display information that selected departments are open 24h per selected days.

# Apply Holidays

The "Apply Holidays" option allows you to determine whether specific support instances should adhere to the Holidays settings. This option is enabled by default when creating a new support hours instance. When disabled, the selected support departments will remain open during holidays, as configured in the extension settings.

# Instance Settings

# General

  1. Name - Set the name of the support hours instance you are managing. This name will be displayed in the "Support Hours" table and in the Client Portal above the support hours panel.
  2. Activate Instance - Choose if currently managed instance should be visible for your customers, or not.

# Display

Specify the support department (opens new window) for which information about availability should be displayed. You have the flexibility to choose multiple departments from the list, ensuring that customers see the schedules of the relevant teams.

# Holidays

"Holidays" settings is a crucial component of our system. Here, you can effortlessly configure scheduled holidays for your support team. During these designated periods, your customers will receive notifications that support will be temporarily unavailable within specific timeframes, ensuring clear communication and a smooth support experience. Learn how to streamline your holiday management and enhance customer satisfaction.

"Holidays" setting will be commonly shared between all "Support Operating Hours", which will be created in our extension.

# Holidays Management

  1. Name - Set name of the "holiday", which then will be shown in your client portal for your customers. This field can be easily translated, using the "translate" button.
  2. Start Date - Set start date for "holiday".
  3. End Date - Set end date for "holiday".
  4. Remove - By clicking on removal button, selected "holiday" will be removed from the list. Please note that to confirm this action you need to click on "Save Changes" button.
  5. Save Changes - This action save currently made changes to the "holidays" list.
  6. Add New - This action adds new row to the "holiday" list.

# Holidays in Client Portal

In client portal information about "Holidays" will be shown as in below example:

# Settings

Configure settings which will be shared across all support operating hours. Customize where operating hours information is displayed, set your time zone, define time formats, and more. Learn how to optimize your global settings for a seamless and tailored customer support experience.

# Display On

With the "Display On" setting in the "Support Hours" extension, you control where operating hours information appears in the client portal. Choose to display it on all support pages for comprehensive visibility, or select specific pages from a predefined list to provide targeted information.

# Support Ticket List

When "Support Ticket List" page will be selected, and you'll have more than one support hours instance activated in your settings. Multiple panels will be shown, as in below example"sa

# View Support Ticket

# Open Support Ticket

# Support Departments

# Time Zone

Choose the time zone to be displayed for your customers in the client area. This setting is essential for accurate calculations, ensuring the correct presentation of online or offline status for configured support instances.

# Time Format

Choose time format, which should be shown for your customers in client area, there are two settings to choose from:

  1. HH:mm (ex 14:00)
  2. h:i A (ex 12:50 am)

# Show Status

When this option is activated, the support hours will display either an "Offline" or "Online" label based on the current support availability.