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# Miscellaneous Tools

Lagom WHMCS One Step Order Form has been designed to give flexibility for the clients and allow to configure it to specific business needs. Below we will describe all the customization options available in the current version.

# Payment Gateways

Here you can easily upload new gateway logos and assign them to the order payment gateways with just a few simple clicks.

  1. Navigate to the “One Step Order Form” addon in your WHMCS admin area.
  2. Open the “Gateways” tab.
  3. Upload a new icon in the "Icon Library" section
  4. Assign newly uploaded graphics to a specific gateway by pressing the "Click to assign icon" box.

# Order Fields

Make your order process legally compliant with any country by adding needed fields to the order. These fields will be displayed below the default WHMCS "Terms of Services" checkbox.

# Add/Manage Order Fields

  1. Type - Choose from 3 different field types:
    • Checkbox
    • Input Text
    • Dropdown
  2. Name - set the field name
  3. Required - choose whether this field should be required, or not
  4. Description - provide a more detailed description for the newly created field.

# Fields Location

Fields location can be managed using the "Order Fields Location" option in addon settings. You can choose from two different locations.

# Order Summary box (default)

By default "Terms of Services" checkbox and all custom order fields are displayed in the "Summary Box". Please be aware that this location has limited space, that is why it is suggested to display maximum 2-3 order fields in this location.

# Last section on order form

When this option is selected, all the "Order Fields" will be displayed in the last order section. This location can contain more fields than the above alternative.

# Configurable Options Manager

Configurable Options Manager is an advanced tool, which introduces new features to customize and manage WHMCS product configurable options. You can now configure different configuration layouts for every WHMCS product. Learn how to use its functions in Config Options Manager documentation.

  1. Configurable Option Groups
  2. Configurable Options
  3. Options Management
  4. Options Types
  5. Exemplary Configuration
  6. Field Translation

# Product Addons Manager

Product Addons Manager introduces new options to manage and customize addons created in WHMCS system (opens new window). You are now able to assign a custom image to every product addon.

# Manage Addons

  1. Image - Assign image to the product addon. This field lists graphics added to the addon in the Media Library.
  2. Illustration Type - You can choose from 4 different illustration types - learn more:
    • Default
    • Icon
    • Illustration
    • Small Illustration
  3. Color

# Media Library

Upload and manage graphics which can be assigned to configurable options or product addons. This page comes with a set of predefined graphics which you can download from here (opens new window)

You may fetch the ready package and upload it into /modules/addons/LagomOrderForm/storage/gallery/ directory. Keep in mind that all the graphics must be located directly under the /gallery/ catalogue.