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Different Styles & Colors

Lagom WHMCS One Step Order Form is featured with 4 different styles, within each style there is an option to choose from 5 different color schemes.

Multiple Layouts & Types

Lagom WHMCS One Step Order Form offers a high selection of options to adjust its layout to your business needs.

Bottom Order Summary

The summary box is displayed down the screen. A detailed order summary is available at the end of the order page.

Sidebar Order Summary

The order summary box is displayed on the right side of the screen. The summary box slides down along with your browser window.

Two Steps Order

Enable the order process in two steps where the first one displays the product group packages and the second step allows their configuration.

Horizontal Packages

Display product packages as full width boxes where the pricing and the call to action button are located on the right side.

Multiple Variants

Choose the best order template variant for your WHMCS products and improve their order conversion rate.

Advanced Settings

Available settings in Lagom WHMCS One Step Order Form.

Package Slider

Use a smart page slider when the number of available packages does not fit the container width.

Simplified Summary

Display only limited information in the order summary box.

Products Navigation

Quick navigation between product groups with comfortable tabs below the header.

Domain Spotlights

Display the domain TLD spotlights in the domain search box to promote the most popular TLDs.

Gateway Icons

Easily assign icons to payment gateways in the product addon.

Config Manager

Easily manage and customize configuration options for every WHMCS product.

Fully Responsive

Lagom WHMCS One Step Order Form has been designed to work smoothly with any device size.


The product has been developed in cooperation with ModulesGarden - Learn more.

Single Domain
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  • 1 year of support
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  • License valid for lifetime
Open Source
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  • 1 year of support
  • 1 year of updates
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Frequently Asked Questions

Lagom WHMCS One Step Order Form has been created in close cooperation with the professionals at ModulesGarden, and as such has been officially introduced to their product marketplace. Learn more.
RS Studio and ModulesGarden cooperate together from the very beginning. Our companies are located in the same city, we have been working together on numerous projects for over 10 years. The RS Studio team is mostly focused on UI/UX Design services and Frontend Development services, whereas the ModulesGarden team has great experience in Backend Development and extensive knowledge of the WHMCS system, that is why we have decided to build this product together.
Both ModulesGarden and RS Studio teams provide comprehensive support services, so your ticket will be in safe hands no matter who you choose to get in touch with. What is more, our support agents communicate internally to clear up any doubts and address reported issues in an effective and timely manner.
Yes, Lagom WHMCS One Step Order Form has been designed and developed to be fully compatible with every product released under the Lagom brand. If you combine it with Lagom WHMCS Client Theme, you will gain an opportunity to choose from 4 unique styles: Modern, Default, Depth and Futuristic, as well as 5 different color schemes for your order form. Otherwise, only the Modern style with no color alternatives is available.
The initial version of Lagom WHMCS One Step Order Form (v1.0.x) supports only selected ModulesGarden modules which control the order process. The compatibility with further modules will be continuously introduced in version 1.1.0 and later. Learn more.

At the same time, please note that any other third-party modules, which control order process pages, will NOT be compatible with Lagom WHMCS One Step Order Form. This form has been built completely separately from a default WHMCS order, and is NOT based on the default WHMCS order process template files.
Yes, this product has been developed to work as a standalone module, which means that it does not require the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme. It is fully compatible with the default WHMCS theme called Twenty-One and can be used without the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme.
Yes, of course. You can easily disable the automatic renewal for all Lagom products, so that the renewal invoices will no longer be created.
Yes, paying the renewal invoice is not required for you to keep using our products, but doing so does unlock a full year of access to the latest product updates as well as multi-level technical support.
Once the Lagom WHMCS One Step Order Form product is purchased, it remains active for a lifetime, even if the yearly renewal invoice is not covered.
We do not offer trial licenses for our products. Instead, we provide a “14-day Money Back Guarantee” for all purchases. This means you can purchase the product, and fully test it, and if for any reason you're not satisfied within the first 14 days, you can request a full refund. This approach provides you with the chance to fully evaluate the product in a real-world environment, ensuring it meets your needs.

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