# Settings

Lagom WHMCS One Step Order Form has been designed to give flexibility for the clients and allow to configure it to specific business needs. Below we will describe all the customization options available in the current version.

  1. Navigate to the “One Step Order Form” addon in your WHMCS admin area.
  2. Open the “Settings” tab.

# Package Slider

Decide whether you would like to use a slider to view the content of a product group that contains more than three packages in the case of the "Sidebar" order layout, and more than four packages in the case of the "Bottom" order layout.

Although the "Slider" option is enabled, your clients still have the option to display all of the packages at once, without the need to scroll them horizontally. When "All" option is on, all products in the package are displayed in multiple rows.

# Simplified Order Summary

When the "Simplified Summary" option is enabled, the "Order Summary" box displays only "Totals" and "Total Due Today" values. It will not display any details about added products, domains or addons.

# Display Price Suffix

When the "Display Price Suffix" is enabled, the currency suffix is shown next to the price. However, it is important to previously configure the currency and its suffix details in your WHMCS admin area settings, based on their video tutorial (opens new window).

# Show Domain Spotlights

"Show Domain Spotlights" allows you to display "Spotlight TLDs" which have been previously configured in WHMCS settings (opens new window).

When the "Show Domain Spotlights" option is disabled, no domain TLDs are displayed below the domain search bar.

# Display Navigation Tabs

When the "Display Navigation Tabs" option is enabled, the additional navigation tabs are shown below the main header title. The navigation tabs include the product groups, which previously must be configured in WHMCS settings (opens new window).