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# Update

In this article you will find out how to successfully update Lagom WHMCS One Step Order Form. We will guide you step by step through the whole update process.

# Moule Requirements

Below is a list of requirements for latest product version:

  1. Requires IonCube Loader v12.
  2. InnoDB Engine used in WHMCS tables - learn more.
  3. Supports PHP 7.4 up to PHP 8.1.
  4. Supports WHMCS v8.2 and later.

# Before You Begin

  1. Make sure that the Lagom WHMCS One Step Order Form version, which you are going to install, is compatible with your WHMCS and Lagom WHMCS Client Theme installations! Check the compatibility list here.
  2. Create a backup copy of your WHMCS files and database.

# Download Files

  1. Log in to ModulesGarden Client Area.
  2. Navigate to Products.
  3. Find "Lagom WHMCS One Step Order Form" on the list.
  4. Open the "Download" tab and download the latest version of the module.

# Upload Files

  1. Remove all the files of the previous module version from the WHMCS root directory (except the license.php file).
  2. Extract the .zip folder that has been downloaded from the client area.
  3. Upload the /php71+/ content to your FTP server.
  4. Make sure that during the upload process all the files have been correctly uploaded and no errors occurred.

# Clear Cache

  1. Clear your browser and server cache (for example Cloudflare).
  2. Clear the WHMCS template cache in: Utilities > System > System Cleanup > Empty Template Cache > Go.