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# Section Banner Form

The "Banner Form" (see demo) (opens new window) section in Lagom WHMCS Website Builder is like a big, flexible space where you can grab your website visitors' attention with eye-catching pictures and important messages. It is like a spotlight that makes a strong start to your website or shows important stuff.

This element should not be used on specific page more than once, as its title contain <h1> tag, which should be used on each page only once.

"Banner Form" type is based on "Banner Default" type, which means that "Banner Description" works the same way.

Select from diverse form fields to be displayed on the main website banner of the generated webpage. Explore our demo page (opens new window) to see different form types.

  1. Form Type - Select what form type should be shown in this section.
    • 360 Monitoring - Form field, which allows to enter website url, to perform 360 Monitoring website test. Used in MarketConnect page for 360 Monitoring (opens new window) product.
    • Knowledgebase Search - Field which lets customer to enter a question, which then will be search in WHMCS knowledgebase database.
  2. Buttons - Add buttons using Button Manager modal.

"Banner Form" type is based on "Banner Default" type, which means that "Banner Background" works the same way.

# Section Advanced Setting

  1. Combine This Section With Section Below - When activated it will remove bottom padding and border from this section. This setting was designed to combine two sections into single section - learn more.
  2. Overlay Section Below on This Section - This setting pull below section over this section, moreover it adds additional bottom padding. - Learn more.
  3. Disable Background for "Predefined Lagom Illustration" - Option prepared for "Background Types" where Lagom shape is added to the background, allows to disable the default shape placed behind SVG illustrations - learn more.
  4. Section Custom Class - This setting assign custom classes to the section container - learn more.