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One-Click Website Setup

Lagom WHMCS Website Builder boasts a versatile library of more than 40 pre-designed pages, catering to various product types and website requirements. Customize them swiftly and effortlessly to suit your specific needs.


VPS Hosting

Dedicated Servers

Site Builder


Website Monitoring

Game Servers

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Website Page Management

Experience effortless page management and unlock a world of customization possibilities with Lagom WHMCS Website Builder. Take control of your website like never before.

Website Sitemap Builder

Effortlessly create sitemaps with Lagom WHMCS Website Builder. Sitemaps are automatically generated whenever you add a new page, simplifying the process and ensuring your site remains SEO-friendly.

Different Styles & Colors

Lagom WHMCS Client Area Theme consists of 4 unique styles. There are 5 different color schemes available for each style.

Multiple Section Types

Within Lagom WHMCS Website Builder, you'll discover a rich selection of pre-designed section types, allowing you to effortlessly create unique and tailored website pages with few simple clicks.

Banner Default

Banner Domain

Banner Form

Section Graphic

Section Products

Section Product Group

Section Features

Section Features Side

Section Key Features

Section Domain

Section Featured TLDs

Section TLDs Table

Section Testimonials

Section FAQ

Section CTA

Section Legal

Feature Highlights

Discover the impressive array of capabilities within Lagom WHMCS Website Builder that empower your online presence.

Easy Export/Import

Effortlessly export and import website data for enhanced efficiency.

Easy Optimization

Enhance your site's performance, ensuring fast loading times and a seamless user experience.

SEO Management

Maximize your online presence by expertly handling the SEO for newly crafted pages.

Powerful Caching

Boost your website's loading speed with built-in caching technology.

Simple Translations

Empower your website with the ability to translate every element of generated pages.

Media Manager

Elevate the visual engagement of your pages with our seamless graphics management.

Hand Crafted Graphics

Explore a wide variety of more than 400 hand crafted icons and illustrations, specially designed to help you easily create your ideal hosting website with style and simplicity.


Customer Success Stories

Projects of websites created by our clients using Lagom Website Builder. Take a moment to review their feedback regarding our product.


Please note: Lagom WHMCS Website Builder requires Lagom WHMCS Client Theme for functionality. Ensure you have this product already installed on your server.
Single Domain
For Only
$269 USD

One time
Renewal at $149 USD per year

  • 1 year of product updates
  • 1 year of support
  • Compatible with Single Domain license of Lagom WHMCS Client Theme
  • Product valid for a lifetime
Five Domains
For Only
$469 USD

One time
Renewal at $289 USD per year

  • 1 year of product updates
  • 1 year of support
  • Compatible with Five Domains license of Lagom WHMCS Client Theme
  • Product valid for a lifetime

Frequently Asked Questions

Lagom WHMCS Website Builder product serves as an extension to our Lagom WHMCS Client Theme, enhancing its capabilities significantly. Once activated, it unlocks a host of additional features within the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme, allowing you to seamlessly build and manage website pages directly within your WHMCS system, with similar functions to popular CMS systems like: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.

This integration provides a smooth and cohesive experience between your client area, the ordering process, and your website. All information related to your products, including descriptions, titles, pricing, and availability, is automatically sourced from the WHMCS database. This eliminates the need to update information in multiple places, ensuring everything remains synchronized.

Furthermore, all the features available in Lagom WHMCS Client Theme are fully compatible with Lagom WHMCS Website Builder. This means you can effortlessly customize your website's colors using the “Style Manager” create your unique main navigation and footer using the “Menu Manager,” and even translate all your pages into different languages, via the addon.

With this powerful combination, you have the tools at your disposal to create a seamless, visually appealing, and multilingual online presence while streamlining your data management.
Lagom WHMCS Website Builder is a versatile solution that caters to various business needs. Here are some common use cases for this product:

  1. Build Hosting Website: Lagom Website Builder enables you to create and manage hosting websites effortlessly. You can showcase your hosting plans, services, and features while providing a seamless ordering experience for your customers.
  2. Create Websites Offering Digital Assets: Whether you sell digital products, software, or downloadable content, Lagom makes it easy to set up an online store or platform to offer digital assets to your audience.
  3. Develop Game Server Websites: Gamers and server providers can benefit from Lagom by crafting appealing game server websites. You can highlight game server specifications, pricing, and customization options to attract players and server users.
  4. Establish Domain Offering Website: Lagom allows you to create domain registration and management websites. You can offer domain search, registration, and transfer services while customizing the website to match your brand.
In summary, Lagom WHMCS Website Builder is a versatile tool suitable for a range of businesses, from hosting providers to digital asset sellers, game server hosts, and domain registrars. Its flexibility and user-friendly features empower you to build websites tailored to your specific industry and audience.
No, Lagom WHMCS Website Builder requires a Lagom WHMCS Client Theme license to function properly.

Lagom WHMCS Website Builder has been developed as an extension specifically designed to work seamlessly with the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme. These two products complement each other, allowing you to create, manage, and customize websites within the WHMCS system while providing a consistent and integrated user experience.

To use Lagom WHMCS Website Builder effectively, you must have a valid Lagom WHMCS Client Theme license installed on your server. This integration ensures that you can harness the full potential of both products to enhance your WHMCS-based business, including website creation, client area enhancements, and more.

In summary, Lagom WHMCS Website Builder relies on the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme for its core functionality and seamless integration within WHMCS. Therefore, it is essential to have a valid Lagom WHMCS Client Theme license to use this product effectively.
No, Lagom WHMCS Website Builder is specifically designed to work in conjunction with the WHMCS system.
The “Single Domain” license can be installed on a single WHMCS installation while “Five Domains” can be installed on five various WHMCS installations..
Yes, of course. You can easily disable the automatic renewal for all Lagom products, so that the renewal invoices will no longer be created.
Yes, paying the renewal invoice is not required for you to keep using our products, but doing so does unlock a full year of access to the latest product updates as well as multi-level technical support.
Once the Lagom WHMCS Website Builder product is purchased, it remains active for a lifetime, even if the yearly renewal invoice is not covered.
We do not offer trial licenses for our products. Instead, we provide a “14-day Money Back Guarantee” for all purchases. This means you can purchase the product, and fully test it, and if for any reason you're not satisfied within the first 14 days, you can request a full refund. If the 14-day period expires, you still have the option to exchange the purchased product for another of the same value, or with a possible additional payment. This approach provides you with the chance to fully evaluate the product in a real-world environment, ensuring it meets your needs.

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Our Lagom WHMCS Client Theme is compatible with a wide array of modules. Explore all available integrations today or learn about our products.