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# Section Legal

Welcome to the documentation page outlining the versatile utilization of the "Legal" (see demo) (opens new window) section type within the Lagom WHMCS Website Builder. In this guide, you'll discover how to effectively harness the power of the "Legal" section to incorporate essential legal information seamlessly into your website. Explore step-by-step instructions on configuring, customizing, and positioning legal content, ensuring your website remains compliant and trustworthy. Dive in to create a comprehensive and professional online presence with Lagom WHMCS Website Builder's "Legal" section type.

# Section Description

Create required section content using the advanced "text editor". Use its build in tools to format the code, or write your own HTML code.

# Section Sidebar

The section sidebar is presented on the left-hand side of the legal pages, providing the ability to incorporate links leading to various other legal pages.

  1. Sidebar Items - List of created sidebar items.
  2. Edit - The "Edit" button opens a modal where you can personalize the sidebar item.
  3. Remove - Remove sidebar item from the list.
  4. Add New - Add new sidebar item to the list.

This is the presentation as it appears on the generated page:

# Add/Manage Sidebar Item

Select the necessary link type, and additional fields will be displayed based on the chosen type.

  1. Custom URL - When selected new field will be shown where custom URL can be entered.
  2. WHMCS Page - When selected new filed will be shown with list of all available WHMCS and CMS pages.
  3. Homepage - When selected, feature will be linked to the homepage.

# Open In New Window

When this option is enabled, clicking the following link will open it in a new browser tab/window.

# Show Graphic

When the "Show graphics for this item" option is turned on, a list of available icons and graphics will be displayed. Learn more about "Media Modal".

# Item Custom Class

Enables you to assign a personalized HTML class to the currently edited FAQ item, facilitating custom modifications through the addition of custom CSS rules.