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# Website Predefined Sections

Welcome to the definitive guide on leveraging Website Predefined Sections within Lagom WHMCS Website Builder (opens new window). This article provides insights into utilizing these ready-made sections to effortlessly enhance your website's visual appeal and functionality. Discover how these sections streamline your design process and elevate your web presence to new heights.

# Main Page

  1. Name - Name of predefined section.
  2. Section Type - Name of Section Type used to create predefined section.
  3. Manage - Button which navigate to management page of selected predefined section.
  4. Search - Enter section name to find what you are looking for.
  5. Add New - Create new predefined section.

# Create Predefined Section

Click "Add New" and choose Section Type which you want to create.

Find out "section type" which you want to create and click "Add New Section" button. Each section type will display different management fields on this page.

# Manage Predefined Section

  1. Section Name - Set name of predefined section.
  2. Section Content - Different fields will be shown in this section, based on selected Section Type.
  3. Section Translation - Coming Soon.
  4. Section Settings - Currently there are no settings available, this panel display only Section Type, which has been used to create following predefined section. Once predefined section has been created, section type can not be changed.
  5. Save Changes - No changes will be saved until "Save Changes" button will be clicked.
  6. Cancel - Erase changes which you have made, since last saved version and will automatically redirect you to the "Website Pages" list.
  7. Delete - Remove currently modified page from database. By clicking on this button, additional confirmation modal will be shown.

# Use Predefined Pages

# Use With CMS Page

Predefined sections can be used in any CMS page, as shown in below video.

# Management Options

Once predefined section is added to the CMS page, you can change its background color, however no other management options are available, Management of predefined section is only available via the Predefined Section page.