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# Branding

Lagom WHMCS Client Theme is equipped with a great collection of tools to help you upload different logo versions to Lagom WHMCS Client Theme pages easily. With just a few moments, you can assign all required logos and automatically generate all needed sizes for a favicon.

# Logo Versions

The brand logo in the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme is displayed on light and dark backgrounds. It is extremely important to upload both, "logo on dark" and "logo on light" versions.

As your "Full Logo", you need to upload the horizontal version of your brand logo. The uploaded graphic should have at least 40px height. Your "Full Logo" is displayed on multiple pages, for example on:

  1. Main navigations, for the Default, Condensed, Condensed Banner and Left Wide layouts.
  1. All "full" pages that are related to customer login or registration pages.
  1. Footers, for the Extended layout.

The following logo version is used only for Left Layout. The uploaded graphic should have a square shape and be at least 40px high and 40px wide.

# Favicon

The favicon graphic is needed to generate all required favicon dimensions which are used for example in:

  • browser tab,
  • browser history,
  • toolbar apps,
  • bookmarks dropdown,
  • search bar,
  • and many more...

Uploaded graphics should be in the shape of a square and have at least 512x512px size. It is recommended to use the PNG or JPG graphic format. Lagom will automatically generate 17 different sizes of a favicon logo and assign the required code to the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme <head> tag.

Click on the logo box to upload a logo graphic on the newly installed Lagom WHMCS Client Theme. Once done, press the "Save Settings" button at the bottom of the screen.

In order to remove the already assigned logo, click on the "trash" icon located in the top right corner of each logo box. This action does NOT require clicking on the "Save Settings" button. Once you press the "Delete" button in the confirmation modal, your logo graphics will be removed from the server.

You are also given the possibility to replace the already uploaded and saved logo without the necessity to remove it first.