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# How To Start Customization

Under the "Customization" category you can find a series of articles that will be useful in customizing your page. Please note that the customization process can be performed by more advanced customers, who have at least basic knowledge about HTML, CSS, Smarty and PHP.

In case you do not have appropriate knowledge or time to perform such customizations, our team offers "Custom Development" services that can be requested using the Custom Project Request contact form.

# Customization Compatibility

All customizations made based on a series of "Customization" articles will not be overwritten by future theme updates. However, you need to remember that all customized files have to be "updated" with every update of our Lagom WHMCS Client Theme.

# Merge Changes

For example, if you have already created a custom template for the "Homepage" by copying the "Modern" template as described in the "Customize Homapge" article, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Compare the modified file from your WHMCS server with the original file included in the latest Lagom WHMCS Client Theme release. For example, you can use available online tools such as DiffChecker (opens new window).
  2. If you notice that the file from the latest release has some changes, please merge them to your modified file. If no changes have been made, then ignore the next steps, and go to another customized file.
  3. You need to select the lines that will be merged. You can find an exemplary comparison of the 2 files below. The left side shows a file from the latest release and the right side presents a modified file from the WHMCS server (from the previous product version). The modified file includes adjustments to display different product groups on the Homepage along with modifications to the Testimonials section. The changes have been implemented in the following lines 19, 24-25, 50 and 53. These need to be ignored as you do not want to override your modifications. All other changes need to be merged.
  1. Once the merge is completed, copy the new code and paste it to your WHMCS server file.
  2. Finally, the merge is finished. Your customized file is up to date.

Custom services made by our team are systematically updated for FREE (if access to theme support and updates is renewed) to the latest Lagom WHMCS Client theme releases. Request Custom Project Development if you do not want to maintain your customization on your own.