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# Licensing

# General Information

Each extension can be ONLY used with Lagom WHMCS Client Theme (opens new window) license to which they have been assigned. This applies to all extensions except "Module Integrations".

# Assign License to Extension

Before you will be able to activate Lagom Extension, you have to assign it to correct Lagom WHMCS Client Theme license.

# Login To Client Portal

  1. Login in to our RS Studio Client Portal (opens new window).
  2. Navigate to My Services (opens new window).
  3. Choose a Extension that you wish to manage and click the “Manage” button.

# Choose License

  1. At the top of management page you will see "Assigned License" section, with a dropdown list, where you should choose Lagom Client Theme license.
  2. Click "Change" button to assign Extension to specific license.

# Change License

If you decide to activate Extension for different Lagom Client Theme license, you can easily done that by fallowing the same steps as above and assigning Extension to different license.

You need to rememebr that change of license assignment will deactive extension on previously assigned license.