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# Settings

Lagom WHMCS One Step Order Form has been designed to give flexibility for the clients and allow to configure it to specific business needs. Below we will describe all the customization options available in the current version.

# General Settings

# Disable Redirection

If the "Disable Redirection" option is enabled, automatic redirection from standard WHMCS cart and order pages will be turned off. When clients use a ready link to e.g. a cart, it will be displayed with a standard WHMCS view.

# Hide Group Name In Suboption Name

When activated, it will remove the duplicate "group name" from the "option name", for specific "option types" - see example

# Browser's Title Bar

Enter your custom "title" into this field. If you want to change the default title tag, enter here a new phrase, it will be visible in the title bar at the top of the browser window in the client area

# Hide VAT Number Field For

Select countries for which the 'VAT Number' field in the account details will be hidden.

# Order Page Layout

# Display Navigation Tabs

When the "Display Navigation Tabs" option is enabled, the additional navigation tabs are shown below the main header title. The navigation tabs include product groups, which previously must be configured in WHMCS settings (opens new window).

# Simplified Order Summary

When the "Simplified Summary" option is enabled, the "Order Summary" box displays only "Totals" and "Total Due Today" values. It will not include any details about added products, domains or addons.

# Package Slider

Decide whether you would like to use a slider to view the content of a product group that contains more than three packages in the case of the "Sidebar" order layout, and more than four packages in the case of the "Bottom" order layout.

Although the "Slider" option is enabled, your clients still have the option to display all of the packages at once, without the need to scroll them horizontally. When the "All" option is on, all products in the package are displayed in multiple rows.

# Promotion Code Field Location

This option allows to change the location of the promotion field, to display it more prominently.

# Below "Order Summary"

By default, the promotion code field is located under the summary box. The input field will be shown after clicking the "Have a promo code?" link.

# Above "Product Billing" Section

Display the promotion code field above the "Product Billing" section.

# Above "Payment Method" Section

Display the promotion code field above the "Payment Method" section.

# The order page bottom

Display the promotion code field as the last section on the order form.

# Order Fields Location

Choose the location of WHMCS "Terms of Services" checkbox and other custom order fields, which can be configured in product addon management page.

# Order Summary box

By default the "Terms of Services" checkbox and all custom order fields are displayed in the "Summary Box", however, you need to be aware that this location has limited space. That is why it is suggested to display maximum 2-3 order fields in this location.

# Last section on order form

When this option is selected, all your order fields will be displayed on the last position on the order form. This location can include more custom order fields than the option described above.

# Show Domain TLDs Dropdown

This option allows to enable the domain TLDs selector, which will be shown in the domain search field.

# Show Domain Spotlights

"Show Domain Spotlights" allows to display "Spotlight TLDs" which have been previously configured in WHMCS settings (opens new window).

When the "Show Domain Spotlights" option is disabled, no domain TLDs are displayed below the domain search bar.

# Pricing Options

# Hide Currency Selector

Toggle to hide the currency switcher that is visible on the order page if just one currency is active in the WHMCS system.

# Display Price Suffix

If enabled, the currency suffix is shown next to the price. However, it is important to previously configure the currency and its suffix details in your WHMCS admin area settings, based on the WHMCS documentation (opens new window).

# Billing Cycles

# Select The Longest Billing Cycle

When this option is activated, the option with the longest billing cycle will be automatically selected.

Otherwise, the option with the shortest billing cycle will be chosen.

# Show Prices Comparison

Display the price difference percentage to show how much the client will save when choosing a given billing cycle in comparison to the shortest one.

# Hide “Select” Buttons

When activated, the "Select" button will be removed from the billing cycle tile.

# Billing Cycles Order

Define whether the product available billing cycle options shall be displayed in an ascending or descending order.

# Number of Columns (desktop view)

Choose the number of columns for the billing cycle boxes, you can choose between 3 (default) and 4 columns. This option is applicable only for screen size above 1320px

# Captcha

Enhance your site security by enabling CAPTCHA form protection.

# Captcha Type

You may choose between two available captcha protection types. That is "Default" and "hCaptcha"

# Default

In case you choose this type, the standard WHMCS "Captcha Form Protection" will be enabled. You may manage it in your WHMCS admin adera → General Settings → Security. Select the type there, choose forms in the client area and enter your Site and Secret Keys.

# hCaptcha

For hCaptcha verification you will need to provide the full configuration with the connection details here in the addon.

# hCaptcha Protection

Enable protection for:

  • all users
  • unlogged users only
  • disable this feature
# Pages with hCaptcha Protection

Select the client area pages for which the hCaptcha verification will be active:

  • Shopping Cart Checkout
  • Domain Checker
  • Contact Form
  • Ticket Submission
  • Login Forms
# Captcha Site Key

Provide your hCaptcha Site Key, you need to be registered first!

# Captcha Secrete Key

Enter your hCaptcha Secret Key.