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# Templates

Lagom WHMCS One Step Order Form has been designed to give flexibility for the clients and allow to configure it to specific business needs. Below we will describe all the customization options available in the current version.

  1. Navigate to the “One Step Order Form” addon in your WHMCS admin area.
  2. Open the “Templates” tab.

# Order Form Type

This section gives you the ability to choose what type of order process should be used for your products.

# One Step

By choosing "One Step" option you decide to show all of the product configuration options on a single page. At the beginning of the order process, your client will be able to switch between different product packages within a specific product group.

# Two Steps

In the case of the "Two Steps" option, the order process is divided into two separate steps, where the first step allows you to choose a product to order. In the second step the configuration options available for the previously selected product are displayed, note that it is not possible to switch between products in this step.

# Step 1

# Step by Step

This option is not yet available, it will be added to the module in one of its upcoming versions.

# Order Form Layout

In this section you can decide about the location of the "Order Summary" element.

This option displays "Order Summary" box on the right side. The summary box is always affixed to the top of the browser screen, so clients will also have a quick access to the complete summary of the current order.