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# Settings

Lagom WHMCS Client Theme settings have been divided into two parts. Under the “General” section, you will find settings applicable for all theme pages while the “Order Process” part contains settings only for the order template.

# General

In the “General” settings tab, you can freely modify Lagom WHMCS Client Theme pages. The changes implemented under this section will impact all Lagom WHMCS Client Theme pages, layouts, and styles.

  1. Visit the “RS Themes” addon in your WHMCS admin area.
  2. Open the “Settings” tab.

The “Logo Link” option grants you the possibility to overwrite a default URL assigned to logo graphics used in the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme. By default, a logo connects to the home page or login page depending on the WHMCS settings. By providing a different URL to the “Logo Link” field, you will change this default behavior.

  1. Click “switcher” to activate this option.

  2. Enter the preferred URL that you wish to assign to the Logo Link option.

  1. Click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the screen.

# Gravatar

The “Gravatar” option allows you to display the customer's “avatar” in place of the “account” icon in the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme. The gravatar shows graphics from the gravatar.com (opens new window) website. Your customer needs to have a registered account on the gravatar.com website with the same email address as in your WHMCS system, otherwise, the placeholder graphic will be displayed.

Carry out these steps to learn how to activate the “Gravatar” option in Lagom WHMCS Client Theme:

  1. Enable the “Gravatar” option.
  1. Click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the window screen.

# Choose gravatar placeholder

When customer email address does not have any gravatar image assigned, then placeholder will be shown. This option allows you to decide what type of placeholder you'd like to display for your customers. Every available placeholder is described in gravatar documentation (opens new window).

  1. 404 - do not load any image if none is associated with the email hash, instead return an HTTP 404 (File Not Found) response
  2. mp - (mystery-person) a simple, cartoon-style silhouetted outline of a person (does not vary by email hash)
  3. identicon - a geometric pattern based on an email hash
  4. monsterid - a generated 'monster' with different colors, faces, etc
  5. wavatar - generated faces with differing features and backgrounds
  6. retro - awesome generated, 8-bit arcade-style pixelated faces
  7. robohash - a generated robot with different colors, faces, etc
  8. blank - a transparent PNG image (border added to HTML below for demonstration purpose)

# Affixed Navigation

With the “Affixed Navigation” feature, you can affix the top Lagom WHMCS Client Theme navigation. The navigation will be affixed ONLY when a customer scrolls your website UP, when your website is scrolled DOWN, the navigation will not be visible.

Follow the below steps to enable the “Affixed Navigation” option in the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme:

  1. Click “switcher” to turn on this option.
  1. Confirm by clicking on the “Save Changes” button placed at the bottom of the screen.

# Affixed Sidebars

The “Affixed Sidebars” functionality empowers you to affix the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme sidebars to the top of the browser window. Sidebars will be affixed once a website is scrolled UP and DOWN. Turning off this option will NOT disable affixed sidebars during the ordering process of WHMCS products.

Check how to enable the “Affixed Sidebars” feature in Lagom WHMCS Client Theme:

  1. Firstly, click “switcher” to activate this option.
  1. Once ready, press the “Save Changes” button located at the bottom of the screen.

Use the “Cookie Box” functionality if you wish to turn on and manage “Cookie Box” that will be shown to all your customers on all Lagom WHMCS Client Theme pages.

  1. To enable this option, click “switcher”.
  1. Select a preferred position where you would like “Cookie Box” to be displayed. There are 3 different positions to choose from:
    • Bottom Left
    • Bottom Right
    • Bottom
  1. Complete a message in the “cookie box message” field. You can freely use the HTML code here, which will be helpful when providing links to external pages, as presented below.
  1. Do not forget that you can translate your message into various languages by selecting the “translate” option at the top right corner.
  1. Finally, press the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the screen.

# 0.00 Converted To "Free"

When enabled, you'll have two options to choose with:

  1. Product Boxes - When enabled, product boxes will display “Free” in place of “0.00” values
  1. Whole Order Process and Client Area - When enabled, all 0.00 prices will be replaced with “Free” string.

# Show Status Icon

When enabled, it will replace default status dots with custom designed icons in Services, Domains, Invoices, Tickets, Quotes table pages, as shown in below example:

# Table Cache Duration

This setting allows you to define table cache duration. By default, WHMCS and Lagom Client Theme, store table settings for 2 hours. This means that when customer filter the table, for example by clicking on the "Status" filter, this selection will be stored in browser cache for 2 hours, after this time selection will be restored to default table settings.

Available options:

  • One Day
  • One Week
  • Two Weeks
  • One Month
  • One Year

# Show Client ID

When enabled client ID will be shown in account dropdown. This feature is also integrated with "Resellers Center" (opens new window) module.

# Ordering Process

# Price Display

The “Price Display” option gives you the possibility to decide how to adjust long product prices to the package width. By default, product prices in the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme are shown always in one line. This might result in some issues with very long prices as presented below.

Select the “Break All” option in the “Price Display” settings if you wish very long prices to be shown in two lines as in the following picture.

# Price Calculation

This setting let you decide what price calculation should be shown on the product categories (opens new window) pages.

# Default WHMCS price calculation

By default WHMCS display prices from the first billing cycle, from your product configuration. For example "Single" package in "Web Hosting" (opens new window) category, have below billing cycle setting:

  • Monthly - $3.99
  • Quaterly - $10.47 ($3.49 per month)
  • Anually - $35.88 ($2.99 per month)

As you can see in above example, the lowest price per month, which you pay for "Single" package, is $2.99 when you choose "Annually" billing cycle. However WHMCS will display "Montly" price, as its a first billing cycle, which is configured for specific product:

# Lowest monhly price from all billing cycles

When this option is selected, our addon will replace prices generated by WHMCS, with the lowest price calculated from all configured billing cycles.

In our above example "Single" package in "Web Hosting" (opens new window) category, has lowest price for Anually billing cycle, so the $2.99 price will be shown.

Additionally, when "Order Now" button is clicked, our addon will automatically select the lowest billing cycle in product configuration step:

# Product Nameserver

The “Hide Product Nameservers” feature will allow you to hide the "NS1 Prefix" and "NS2 Prefix" fields, which are shown in the “Configure Server” section, during the ordering process in the product configuration.

In order to hide nameservers fields in Lagom WHMCS Client Theme, perform the following steps:

  1. Click “switcher” on the right side of “Hide product nameservers” to enable this option.
  1. Decide whether “Nameserver” should be hidden for all products or only for selected groups. Once you tick “Hide for selected product groups”, you will see a list of product groups configured in your WHMCS system.

  2. To confirm your setup, click “Save Changes” at the bottom of the window screen.

# Product Hostname

With the “Hide Product Hostname” option, you can block the "Hostname" and “Root Password" fields, which are located in the “Configure Server” section of the product configuration during the ordering process.

To do so, follow the instruction below.

  1. To activate the option, press “switcher” on the right side of “Hide product hostname”.
  1. You can hide the “Hostname” field for all products or only for specified groups of products. Tick “Hide for selected product groups” if you wish to choose preferred product groups from the list.
  1. The “Hostname” options are required by the WHMCS system, so even when hidden, Lagom needs to place values in these hidden fields. When the “Use custom hostname” option is deactivated, the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme will use random strings. When activated, additional fields will display and Lagom will build “hostname” based on its settings. Take a closer look at the following example: rsstudio-[20 random characters].net.
    • Prefix - placed at the beginning of the generated “hostname”.
    • Interfix - stands for the amount of randomly generated characters, shown in the middle of the generated “hostname”.
    • Suffix - displayed at the end of the generated “hostname”.
  1. Do not forget to “Save Changes” at the bottom of the window screen.

# Password Strength For Root Password Field

When this option is enabled, password strength checker will be shown in product configuration page, during ordering process.

This field use the same script as password field in customer registration form. These fields share the same configuration, which can be changed in WHMCS admin area, as described in their documentation (opens new window).

If entered password won't be strong enough, customer won't be able to go to next order step, when "Continue" button will be clicked, error message will be shown at the top of this page.