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# Website Caching

Explore the power of Website Caching with Lagom WHMCS Website Builder (opens new window). This article sheds light on the caching mechanism employed by Lagom to enhance the performance of your generated pages.

Dynamic caching technique is applied to the main navigation items which are assigned to the "Website" display rule (opens new window). Main and secondary navigation menus, created through our addon, are cached within the WHMCS database. The objective is to significantly improve the loading time of your website.

# How It Works

When a customer visits your CMS website page, the entire navigation code, meticulously crafted in the Lagom builder, is pre-rendered and stored within the WHMCS database. This pre-caching process obviates the need for complex database calls during the visitor's session. As a result, the navigation elements are promptly displayed, ensuring a seamless and expedited browsing experience.

# Clearing Menu Cache

Menu cache is automatically refreshed every time you perform changes to your navigation items via the "Menu Manager" (opens new window) functionality. However in case this action won't be fired correctly, there is an option to perform this action manually.

Visit "RS Themes" addon, go to the "Tools" tab, and click on "Refresh" button in "Menu Cache" box.

# Pricing Cache

All prices displayed in pages generated by the Lagom WHMCS Website Builder, are loaded from build in pricing cache. The reason of developing this functionality, is to reduce required amount of database calls, and complex pricing calculation during loading of specific pages. Especially where WHMCS installation is complicated, with large amount of products, configurable options and addons.

# How it works

Whenever modifications are made to product details, addons, domains, or configuration option pricing within your WHMCS admin area, our pricing cache undergoes a refreshing process. This refresh occurs when these alterations are saved within your WHMCS system. The necessary price calculations are performed just once, and as a result, your website visitors will be presented with the final outcomes. This approach contributes to a reduction in loading times.

# Clearing Pricing Cache

If the pricing cache isn't automatically updated, you have the option to manually perform this task using our addon. Visit "RS Themes" addon, go to the "Tools" tab, and click on "Refresh" button in "Pricing Cache" box.

# Page Sections Caching

Every section you create via the Lagom WHMCS Website Builder is meticulously stored as a single database record. This optimization minimizes loading times, ensuring your content is swiftly presented to your audience.

# How It Works

The cached sections are intelligently updated to maintain relevancy and accuracy. The following actions trigger a cache refresh:

  • Specific Page Modification: If you make modifications to a specific page's content or layout, the cache for that page is automatically updated.
  • WHMCS System Modifications: Whenever you make changes that could impact cached pages, like updating WHMCS product pricing, the relevant cached pages are automatically refreshed.

By proactively refreshing cached pages, Lagom WHMCS Website Builder guarantees that your website's content is up-to-date and always optimized for speed and performance.

# Clearing Section Cache

If you clear "Pricing Cache" manually, it may be also required to also refresh the "Section Cache". To perform this action please navigate to "RS Themes" addon, go to the "Tools" tab, and click on "Refresh" button in "Section Cache" box.