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# Section Featured TLDs

Welcome to the guide on utilizing the "Featured TLDs" (see demo) (opens new window) section type in Lagom WHMCS Website Builder. Discover how to effortlessly showcase a comprehensive list of top-level domains (TLDs) to enhance your website's offerings and provide valuable domain information. This article will walk you through the steps to effectively integrate and customize the "Featured TLDs" section for an engaging user experience.

# Section Description

  1. Caption - Caption text shown above section title. Leave this field empty if you do not want to display that element.
  2. Title - Section title placed in <h2> tag. HTML tags are allowed in that field.
  3. Subtitle - Section subtitle, placed below section title. Leave this field empty if you do not want to display that element.

# Frontend

The choices from the management section above will be displayed as depicted below

# TLD List

This section showcases the TLDs that have been added to the list, and these items will be visible on the front end of the page

# TLD's Items

  1. Item - TLD's list item, which display its title and description.
  2. Edit - Edit buttons opens modal, where you can customize the FAQ item.
  3. Remove - Remove TLD's item from the list.
  4. Add New - Add new TLD's item to the list - learn more.

# Add TLD Item

To include a new TLD in the list, click the 'Add New' button, then select the desired TLD from the modal's list.

# TLD Settings

# TLD List Layout

Provides a selection of diverse content layouts for TLD boxes, allowing you to choose the optimal style that complements your website.

# "Center" Layout

# "Left" Layout

# "Inline" Layout

# TLD List Style

Select from a variety of styles designed for TLD boxes, ensuring alignment with your website's aesthetics and brand identity.

# "Default" Style

# "Bordered" Style

# "Boxed" Style

# TLD List Size

Specify the desired size for TLD boxes to be displayed on your website page. Select from a list of predefined sizes.

# "Default" Size

# "Small" Size

# "Extra Small" Size

# TLD List Pricing

Select the type of domain pricing to display in the TLD boxes. This setting will be applied across all TLD boxes. We use pricing configured in WHMCS domain pricing (opens new window) settings.

This feature offers the following options:

  1. "Register" Pricing
  2. "Register + Renewal" Pricing
  3. "Transfer" Pricing
  4. "Transfer + Renewal" Pricing
  5. "Renewal" Pricing

# Display TLDs as Slider

When this option is activated, TLD boxes will be presented as an infinite slider on the frontend of your website.

This feature offers the following options:

  1. Full browser width slider
  2. Slider with left and right arrows

# Linked page

TLD boxes are utilized in the 'Domain' pages within our predefined templates. Clicking on a specific TLD navigates the customer to the domain search field with the selected TLD pre-filled. See our Demo "Domain" (opens new window) page.

If you opt to use this section on other pages, you can determine the destination page for all TLD box links. This selection includes all CMS and WHMCS pages.

# Columns

This setting enables you to specify the number of columns for TLD boxes displayed on various device screen resolutions.

  1. Columns on desktop - Define the number of columns for features displayed on screens wider than 1320px.
  2. Columns on tablet horizontal - Specify the number of columns for features displayed on screens with widths ranging from 992px to 1319px.
  3. Columns on tablet vertical - Choose the number of columns for features displayed on screens with widths ranging from 768px to 991px.
  4. Columns on mobile - Set amount of columns with features, shown on screens with width smaller than 767px.

# Section Advanced Settings

  1. Combine This Section With Section Below - When activated it will remove bottom padding and border from this section. This setting was designed to combine two sections into single section - learn more.
  2. Overlay Section Below on This Section - This setting pull below section over this section, moreover it adds additional bottom padding - learn more.
  3. Section Anchor - Allows to set name for the section anchor, which then could be used, to link people to specific section - learn more.
  4. Section Custom Class - This setting assign custom classes to the section container - learn more.