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# Section Frequently Asked Questions

The "FAQ" (see demo) (opens new window) section type offers an efficient way to incorporate a Frequently Asked Questions segment into your website. With this feature, you can provide valuable information to your visitors, addressing common queries they may have about your products, services, or offerings. The "FAQ" section allows you to present questions and their corresponding answers in an organized and accessible manner, streamlining user experience and minimizing the need for users to contact support for basic inquiries.

# Section Description

  1. Caption - Caption text shown above section title. Leave this field empty if you do not want to display that element.
  2. Title - Section title placed in <h2> tag. HTML tags are allowed in that field.
  3. Subtitle - Section subtitle, placed below section title. Leave this field empty if you do not want to display that element.

# Frontend

The choices from the management section above will be displayed as depicted below

# FAQ List

This section enables you to seamlessly add and oversee FAQ items. You can input titles and necessary descriptions to craft answers for frequently asked questions

# FAQ Items

  1. Item - FAQ list item, which display its title and description.
  2. Edit - Edit buttons opens modal, where you can customize the FAQ item.
  3. Remove - Remove FAQ item from the list.
  4. Add New - Add new FAQ item to the list - learn more.

# Add FAQ Item

# Item Title

Enter FAQ title which then will be shown in the frontend as in below example:

# Item Description

Provide the description for the FAQ item. This field utilizes a text editor allowing you to effortlessly customize the text you're entering.

Item description will be shown on the frontend as in below example:

# Item Custom Class

Enables you to allocate a personalized HTML class to the currently edited FAQ item. This feature empowers you to uniquely style and modify the item using custom CSS rules.

# Group Section

The "Group section content" function enables you to create multiple item groups that will be displayed on the frontend as distinct tabs.

See below example how groups are displayed on the website fronted:

# Manage Group

  1. Group Name - Set the group name, which then will be shown as "tab", above FAQ items list.
  2. Close/Open - Click to hide or expand management options.
  3. Remove - Click to remove group and its items.
  4. Add Group - Click to create new group, where you can assign new FAQ items.

# FAQ Settings

  1. FAQ Type - Choose how the FAQ items should be shown in your website.
    • Type 1 - Accordion
    • Type 2 - Expanded list with fully visible description and title
  2. FAQ Item Style - Choose style of FAQ items list.

# Type 1

# Style "Default"

# Style "Divided"

# Style "Boxed"

# Type 2

# Style "Default"

# Style "Divided"

# Style "Boxed"

# Section Advanced Settings

  1. Combine This Section With Section Below - When activated it will remove bottom padding and border from this section. This setting was designed to combine two sections into single section - learn more.
  2. Overlay Section Below on This Section - This setting pull below section over this section, moreover it adds additional bottom padding - learn more.
  3. Section Anchor - Allows to set name for the section anchor, which then could be used, to link people to specific section - learn more.
  4. Section Custom Class - This setting assign custom classes to the section container - learn more.