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# Website Sitemap

Explore Lagom WHMCS Website Builder's (opens new window) Website Sitemap Manager. This article provides insights into efficiently organizing and enhancing your website's structure for seamless navigation. Dive in to create a user-friendly browsing experience.

See sitemap generated by our product on our demo page - sitemap.xml (opens new window).

# Configure Sitemap

  1. Enable Sitemap - When sitemap generation is enabled, our addon will re-generate the sitemap file, every time you save changes in theme pages, or when new page will be created. If switcher is disabled, no sitemap file will be generated. Learn more (opens new window), about sitemaps.
  2. Generate Sitemap - By clicking on "Generate Sitemap" button, you will force sitemap generation.
  3. Preview Sitemap - By clicking on "Preview Sitemap" button, new browser tab will be opened with the sitemap file. This link can be then used to Submit Sitemap for search engines.
  4. Last Updated - Information showing date and time, when sitemap was last updated.
  5. Include in robots.txt - When option is activated, sitemap url will be included in robots.txt file. Learn more (opens new window), about robots file.
  6. Frequency - Change frequency indicates how often specific pages within your site are being updated.
    • Always - These page types are constantly changing and will include index pages on major news publications.
    • Hourly - These pages update every hour.
    • Daily - Pages updated on average once per day and include things like blog posts.
    • Weekly - Updates typically occur once per week.
    • Monthly - These are updated once per month, give or take, and include category pages, FAQs, and sometimes Help Desk articles.
    • Yearly - Updates on these pages happen on an annual basis and are typically your contact page, “About” page, login pages, etc.
    • Never - As the name suggests, these pages never ever get updates.

# Configure Pages

Specific website page, will be added to the sitemap ONLY when SEO is "Enabled" and "Robots" is set to "Allow". Please fallow this article to learn how to configure page SEO.