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# Website Optimization

Welcome to the guide on Website Optimization with Lagom WHMCS Website Builder (opens new window). This article explores techniques to enhance your site's performance and security, ensuring fast loading times and a seamless user experience. Discover strategies for an optimized web presence.

# Website Security Headers

  1. X-Frame-Options - When enabled deny option will be assigned to your website. Implementing the X-Frame-Options header on your website is generally a good practice for security purposes. The X-Frame-Options header helps prevent your web pages from being loaded within a frame or iframe on another website. This can mitigate risks associated with Clickjacking attacks, where malicious websites try to trick users into interacting with your site without their knowledge.
  2. Referrer Policy - When this option is enabled origin derivative will be assigned to your website. Implementing a Referrer Origin Policy on your website can be beneficial for security and privacy reasons. It helps prevent unauthorized websites from accessing sensitive information about the source of incoming traffic to your site. This can help mitigate certain types of attacks, like Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and leaking of user-sensitive information through the HTTP Referer header.

# Optimize Media Quality

Once activated, you gain the ability to finely tune the image compression level for uploads through the "Media Manager". Your peace of mind is ensured, as you are free to toggle this option off at any point without sacrificing your high-resolution graphic files. Our add-on acts prudently by creating a duplicate of the original files before embarking on the optimization process. When you decide to deactivate this feature, your initial files will be seamlessly restored from the backup folder, automatically reinstating your original content.

PHP script optimize graphics with following extensions: PNG, JPEG, JPG, any other extensions will be ignored. This script use default PHP function to optimize graphic size, which works best with JPG and JPEG formats, optimization result won't be very good with the PNG files, so we suggest to use online tools to optimize its size before uploading.

  1. Optimize Media Quality - Click on the switcher to activate that option.
  2. Image Quality - Choose level of image compression.
  3. Total size saved - Size how much space have been saved after optimization.

Once the "Optimize" button will be clicked, our addon will launch automatic function with the compression. Its progress will be visible in the modal, as shown below. Please do not refresh or close the browser during this action.

# Section Cache

This feature allows you to enable or disable the caching of sections generated by the Lagom Website Builder. By default, section caching is enabled to optimize performance. Disable this option for development purposes to see changes without having to clear the cache manually each time you make changes.