# Installation

This article will walk you through the steps necessary to install our Lagom Email Template (opens new window) on your WHMCS sever. We will guide you carefully through the whole installation process.

# Before Start

Installation of Lagom Email Template is possible in two different ways:

  1. Addon Version - simplest option, available for customers who arelady use Lagom WHMCS Client Theme on their WHMCS server.
  2. No Addon Version - more advanced option, require basic HTML and CSS knowledge. Prepared for customers who don not use Lagom WHMCS Client Theme.

# Addon Version

Below installation steps has been prepared for customers whi already use Lagom WHMCS Client Theme on their WHMCS server. This will not work if you don not have this product installed.

# Download Files

  1. Log in to our RS Studio Client Portal.
  2. Navigate to My Services.
  3. Choose a product that you wish to install and click the “Manage” button.
  4. Download the latest version by pressing the “Download” button on the main product page. If you want to choose one of the previous releases, click “Show all files”.

# Upload Files

  1. Extract downloaded file.
  2. Upload modules and templates folder to main directory on your WHMCS server.

# Assign License

Lagom Extensions can be ONLY used with Lagom WHMCS Client Theme (opens new window) license to which they have been assigned. This applies to all extensions except "Module Integrations".

# Login To Client Portal

  1. Login in to our RS Studio Client Portal (opens new window).
  2. Navigate to My Services (opens new window).
  3. Choose a Extension that you wish to manage and click the “Manage” button.

# Choose License

  1. At the top of management page you will see "Assigned License" section, with a dropdown list, where you need to choose Lagom Client Theme license key.
  2. Then click "Change" button, to save this changes.

# Activate Extension

  1. Log in to the WHMCS admin area on your server.
  2. Go to “Addons” then click “RS Themes” in the navigation menu of your WHMCS admin area.
  3. Click on "Manage" for the specific theme.
  4. Select "Extensions" from the list of available tabs.
  5. Click on the "Manage" button next to "Lagom Email Template" extension.
  6. Afterwards, press "Activate".

# Configure Extension

  1. Set header text
  2. Choose social links
  3. Configure footer elements
  4. Choose email template styl
  5. Upload email logo

# No Addon version

This option DO NOT have an WHMCS addon, require basic HTML knowledge and manual installation of the email template in WHMCS system. If you want to have possibility to edit Lagom Eamil Template, via WHMCS addon, you need to buy our Lagom WHMCS Client Theme product by clicking below button:

# Download Files

  1. Download Email Template files (opens new window)

# Upload Graphics

To use graphics in your eamil template, first we need to upload them to your server, to do this, please fallow bellow steps:

  1. Open downloaded and extracted folder.
  2. Go to Lagom Email Template Html folder.
  3. Choose email style, which you are going to use, and open it's folder. In our case this will be Lagom Email Template Html\depth folder.
  4. Open img folder.
  5. Replace the logo-pos.png file, with your own logo graphics. Please remember that the name of your logo graphic need to be identical.
  6. Login to your FTP account, and upload all files from img folder to your server. In our case, we will create email-tempalte folder, inside the WHMCS images folder.

# Edit HTML Code

Go back to your email style folder. In our case it's Lagom Email Template Html\depth folder.

# Replace Graphics URLs

  1. Open footer.html and header.html file in your code editor.
  2. Find and replace all img/ strings with correct directory to email images. In our case it will be https://rsstudio.net/my-account/images/email-template/

# Replace Domain Name URLs

  1. Open footer.html and header.html file in your code editor.
  2. Find and replace all http://your.whmcs-domain.com strings with correct url to your domain name. In our case it will be https://rsstudio.net.
  3. Open footer.html file.
  4. Find and replace http://lagom.rsstudio.net string with your domain name.
  5. Find and replace lagom.rsstudio.net string with your domain name.

By default Lagom Email Template has 6 social links:

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube
  • Instagram

If you want to remove some of them, and place correct social urls, please fallow below steps:

  1. Open footer.html file.
  2. Go to line 49 and remove unnecessary social links. In our case, we will remove, Instagram, Youtube, Linkedin.
  3. Replace urls for each social link.

By default Lagom Email Template has 5 footer links:

  • Login to your account
  • Support
  • Terms of services
  • Privacy policy
  • About
  1. Open footer.html file
  2. Go to line 179, and remove unnecessary links.
  3. Replace # with correct links.
  4. Customize copyright text © 2018 Lagom. All rights reserved. 151 W. 25th Street, Floor 5, New York, NY 100001 in line 214.

# Installation

  1. Log in to your WHMCS admin area
  2. Go to "Setup""General Settings""Mail"
  3. "Global CSS" field should include the contents of the {style_name}/global.css file.
  4. "Global Header" field should include the contents of the {style_name}/header.html file.
  5. "Global Footer" field should include the contents of the {style_name}/footer.html file.
  6. After copying the code, click on "Save Changes" and enjoy your newly configured email template.
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