Style Manager

Provides essential tools used to manage Lagom theme colors and styles without having any technical know-how. You will be empowered to apply various Styles and Color Schemes to tailor our theme to your brand style.

Different Styles & Colors

Lagom WHMCS Client Area Theme consists of 4 unique styles. There are 5 different color schemes available for each style.

Website Builder ExtensionNEW

Elevate your online presence with Lagom WHMCS Website Builder. Create a website that leaves a lasting impression and resonates with your audience.

Powerful Extensions

Unlock the full potential of Lagom with our personalized extensions and perfectly integrated WHMCS modules.

Key Features

Multiple Color Schemes

Choose from 5 predefined color schemes or prepare your own with our Lagom Style Manager.

Regular Updates

Thanks to regular theme updates, you will stay up to date with all new WHMCS features.

Fully Responsive

Our theme is designed to always look sharp and utilize 100% of screen estate on every device.

Customer Stories

The following projects have been designed and developed by the RS Studio team based on Lagom products. Contact us if you would like to build your own custom website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, of course. You can easily disable the automatic renewal for all Lagom products, so renewal invoices will no longer be created.
Yes, the yearly renewal invoice allows you to receive access to the latest product versions as well as technical support. You can keep using our products even if the renewal invoice is not paid!
Once the Lagom product is purchased, it will remain active for a lifetime, even if the yearly renewal invoice will not be paid.
The “Single Domain” license can be installed on a single WHMCS installation while “Five Domains” can be installed on five various WHMCS installations.
Yes, of course. You can customize our items to fit the needs of your end product.

Looking For a Custom Solution For Your Business?

Feel free to contact us to establish project details.